Reading Practice Program

Our Reading Practice Program for Supporters is specifically designed to help students:

  1. Develop the habit and confidence to read hanzi
  2. Give students ample practice in reading Chinese characters that are frequently used in writing. This will help students reinforce their ability to quickly recognize these common Chinese characters and make the process of reading gradually more easy and enjoyable.

The unique features of this program that enable students to achieve the goals stated above are:

  • Flashcards (found in the tabs below the large video thumbnail) that enables students to drill the specific hanzi contained in the video's content.
  • The written hanzi is first introduced in a manner that gives the student a chance to read it, then it is followed by a slow and clear pronunciation of the text with pinyin and literal translation. This process helps student reinforce the memorization  and recognition of hanzi.
  • The video can be downloaded and the content is designed to be easily studied on smartphones and tablets. This gives the student many opportunities to practice reading anywhere, regardless of internet availability.

We hope you can benefit from these videos and as always, we really appreciate any feedback or comments you may have about them.

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